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Moderner Ethanol-Wandkamin - VPF-OXY-452W-Glänzendes Weiß

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PRÄSENTATION VON Moderner Ethanol-Wandkamin - VPF-OXY-452W-Glänzendes Weiß

Moderner Ethanol-Wandkamin - VPF-OXY-452W-Glänzendes Weiß

A really modern fire, both ecological and well designed: a new design alternative to traditional and closed fireplaces with no installation. This ethanol fireplace offers you comfort without the inconvenience of a traditional fireplace.

Installing the fireplace is very simple and there is no need for a flue: no more sweeping the chimney! The fireplace is uncluttered and will become part of your interior decoration. It can be placed wherever you want, although preferably in a well-ventilated room. Don't wait any longer to replace your old fireplace! Furthermore, an ethanol fireplace does not produce any kind of smoke, odours, ashes, dust, soot or sparks. Forget those rolling, crackling logs; only water vapour and the equivalent of 3 candles of carbon dioxide are given out by the flames, which makes for a warm atmosphere. This combustion releases the  same quantity of CO2 as a human being, so there is no risk! Maintenance is limited to recharging the fuel (ethanol gel for containers and liquid for the oil burner), a 100 % natural liquid, distilled from sugar plants. The ethanol fireplace is also a great source of heat that will save you money. Its heat capacity is equal to that produced by two or three electric heaters depending on the model, and its consumption is low: 0.35 L to 0.50 L of ethanol per hour. Finally, all our ethanol burners are double-sided (3mm 2mm) and are 100% welded to avoid any risks, and all the materials used conform to safety norms (a mounting system is included in all mural fireplaces).

Efficient, practical, ecological, economical, and attractive, it is the ideal product to create a cosy atmosphere in your home!

Bei Privatefloor arbeiten wir daran, Ihnen das Neueste aus der Welt der Dekoration und des Designs zu bieten. Unser Katalog enthält alles, was Sie brauchen, um Ihr Zuhause oder Ihre Geschäftsräume stilvoll zu dekorieren: Esszimmerstühle, Lampen, Hocker, Teppiche, Tische ... wir haben alles und das zum besten Preis. Unser Team verfügt über langjährige Erfahrung, um Ihnen Produkte von hoher Qualität anzubieten, ohne Ihren Geldbeutel zu gefährden. Beeilen Sie sich und verpassen Sie nicht die Gelegenheit, Ihr Heim zu einem unschlagbaren Preis einzurichten.
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